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Samhain approaches on cold winds this season, as it has for many seasons since my youth. But this Samhain feels so different. This year, for the first time in 14 years this witch will not be part of the community open circle on Public Square. I am learning to pay closer attention to my own needs now and know I need to spend my energy much more wisely then in the past. This does not feel like the time for this Crone to be in open circle and have a feeling many more like me are wondering why they feel as they do this Samhain week.

A few days ago I passed along another's words about using Samhain to close the gates long held open, but knew I needed to think on this deeper..as others would and did. Sometimes...no...often times the responsibilities of being an elder weigh heavy. Lately the weight has been made bearable on faith alone. My faith has never waivered.

I am a watcher. And one of the things I have been honored to be able to be a part of, is watching so many who at one time said "I am seeking..." find their way back to the beginning, coming full circle into their own empowerment...and the Goddess had me in a position to be able to guide.


How amazing it has been these many years! Samhain of 87 was the first time I stood as a Priestess to lead ritual for those who had come to join me...I still remember praying over and over that the Goddess would find me worthy to speak for her. Amusing now since she uses me quite well for that purpose but I should have asked to be permitted to somehow KNOW what is said...something I never have had a memory of afterwards..*sigh* But I do get to see others who have come to Harvest Moon Haven and shared circle space with me, sacred space with me and came away refocused, empowered...and it has been such a source of...inspiration to get up each day and continue to do what I can till the Lady releases me from this earthly mantle.


But, I digress here. As I said, I am a watcher, and very protective of my tribe. I wrote after the September 11th mayhem that I mourned the loss of innocence as much as the loss of life so violently. I have discovered amongst this chaos tattered remains of that innocence...and though it is bittersweet it is also very nearly a red flag now, and the reason for this very post.


I have a strong feeling many of the Crones of the community will be working solo this Samhain. And to that end I ask that those who feel up to it add their energy to my own at midnight eastern standard time on October 31st to focus on gathering up the lost ones and helping them to find their way to the Summerlands...too many still wander, have been absorbed into others lives and it has created a....rumble in the energy fields. The energy of *that* much violence is like an infected wound, and we need to cleanse it and get it closed up.


For years I have nervously witnessed and heard of circles held by novice supposed clergy who open wide the portals, arrogantly thinking they can summon and dismiss the Goddess and her chosen Lord Consort on the twist of their wrist! I have heard and witnessed the calling down of specific deities that made me shudder and break free of contact with others in those circles...and eventually I no longer attended open circles aside from the one at Samhain which was a tradition for me. Not this Samhain however. This one I think I can best serve my Goddess, and my tribe working solo...and bet others like me are feeling that same need. (of course, the Goddess knew how much it would bother/guilt me not being a part of that huge circle downtown each Samhain, and arranged for cold rains followed by the seasons first SNOWS...and still recovering from that bronchial pneumonia stuff, I think it is wise to not be standing on the shores of Lake Erie summoning the winds... anyhow...


We have a problem here. And I offer some food for thought, and maybe ways to lend assistance if you have the desire, the strength of will....the magick.


The veils are extremely thin this Samhain as I mentioned some time ago. Many here have made mention of having memory links to loved ones on the other side. Most understand too that at this time of season, with the veil between this side and the other so very thin, many DO pass over at this time of season. I think it must be the easiest transition at Samhain and that's why we see this. There are probably more births and deaths around Samhain than any other time of the year. The natural cycle of birth, death and rebirth..


So this Samhain, instead of joining in open circle I will be sending all the energy I can to closing the wide open gapping hole created by this mortal chaos. I will focus on being a beacon of light for those wandering lost between the veils and help them towards the light. I will take the time to honor my own dead, I will keen and wail and shriek the pain and fear and losses of this year and cleanse all that I have held inside since last Samhains keening and hopefully as always; come away stronger again. And I will focus on closing the gates firmly. Not "come if you will, go if you must" gentleness. Its time for the thigh high shit stomping, no time for bullshit housecleaning. Send packing the energy of terrorism, of fear, of loss of hope. Send away the energy of despair, of hopelessness and of pain. Keen loud the loss of innocence, howl the pain of losing so many heroes, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children grown, children small...in the eyes of the Goddess we are all children still..


Pray that those who were violently taken find peace now. That those left behind find strength and empowerment, and that those who make decisions that will affect all of us do so with wisdom and compassion. Close the wound, close the gate, close the doorway left wide open for too many years because no one wanted to be politically incorrect and say "Hey!!! WHAT are you doing, calling on Loki and Kali in circle tonight you FOOL??!! "...or whatever. Old timers here will know exactly what I am saying here. Its time to shake off the cobwebs and lend a hand here!! Too many use the "be silent" part of the witches Rede to do nothing when you know damned well things haven't been right in a looong, looong time. If you're not part of the solution you ARE part of the problem at this point.


And for those new to Samhain ritual, to what workings might be helpful..this witch suggests you bake some bread, maybe make some pumpkin pies, decorate your own homestead, invite over friends..hug your kids, show your lover how much you care.. and send off some of that good energy toward healing the planet. Fire up a candle in memory of those lost to you since last Samhain, and yes, for those who though no longer on this side of the veil you will always hold close to your heart till your own passing reunites you with them..put some crescent cakes on the back door stoop for the feyfolk...make an ancestral altar and ask them for their protection and strength..


And dance like no one is watching..
Howl with the winds,
scream with pain, with pleasure...
and pray for the wisdom of the Goddess to intercede for us in dealing with the warlords unleashed when her temples were desecrated by those unworthy to set foot..


Oh Goddess! Lord Consort! Ancestors! Hear my prayer! That those so violently killed in New York, in Washington, and in Pennsylvania be held close in your loving hands. That those who are innocent of this murder and suffering under the terror of warlords be held safe in your care. That those put into harms way be shielded and returned to us soon. That the innocence lost, be replaced with wisdom and compassion. That those who would destroy our children's futures, be delivered to you for real justice. That we come into a time of true peace and understanding...that the healing begins.


Light your balefires, your candles flame, envision your flame adding to the light of many, many others...envision the skein of magick flowing from every flame, intertwining, becoming stronger...surrounding us all...empowering...


May the Goddess hold us all safely cradled in her hands in the times to come...stay focused...we already know their is strength in numbers..will you join me?

Arachne of Harvest Moon Haven


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