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Okay folks..... how many of you read Glinddas posts **click here for the post's meat** about the sci-fi channels brilliant idea for a new tv show, and how many just glossed over it, or deleted it?? Although I do not like a crossposted messages, (please clean them up and address to the group only in the future...) I did sit to read what my friend and sister in coven-lovin alerted us to...cause I know she wouldnt waste her time on nonsense...and welp..here I am...

after first calling and *trying* to have a polite discussion with Bonnie *the PREZ* of sci-fi, and being hung up on, went to the headquarters, where I spoke to someone who HAD to have gotten their job due to the size of their tits, or something like that..(got a cigar?) gonna go for the number for progrmamming next, but thought I should get back online and write to my tribe before I continue. This is NOT an issue where once again you can roll your eyes, hope its nonsense and somehow, it'll go away on its own. This is also NOT an issue where you can hope someone else *like ME) will get involved and fix it and make it right, like a mom does with your boo-boos.


this is an issue where if we show apathy once again, the burning times will again be revisted, and though YOU may not have been adversely affected by the ignorance of humankind as to what a witch is, and is NOT; I HAVE. Not once, not twice, but thrice. In all instances, my pets paid the highest price as they died cause they belonged to "that witch". AND, for those new to the Craft of the Wise, if not for folks like me who took it time after time trying to educate and got fucked and not in a good way...lost jobs, pets, been exploited and used for =whatever reason, including the ability to SAY they know me...*sigh*....its gonna start alll over again....bad news, bad stuff gets around waaay faster than good news, good stuff, and having to admit witches are good folsk would be boring for a tv show, eh?? soo, instead they want to "find" a witch to do an animal sacrifice??????????????We cannot allow this to happen without a hardcore attempt to educate! And its NOT up to me, not up to just a few of us, its up to ALL of us..webworking, writing, making phone calls...everyone of us doing what we can ...and showing them at the same time that our numbers are great, far greater than any of them could possibly expect! BUT, we have to do it NOW.


I promised the Sci-Fi people that this isnt going to be tolerated, we will not become their circus act...at one time, many, many moons ago, I was approaced by these assholes, cause they wanted to do a show about "a real live witch", me being the smartass I am, told them "its a damned good thing they wanted me alive, cause if they'd wanted to interview a real DEAD witch....I didnt think they could handle it...laughed and hung up. Subject closed, I thought.


Sooooooooooo, aside from all this info about this being placed within my website as soon as Lady K has time, and letting Wren from Witches Voice know as well. this needs WEBWORKED and FAST. Not next week, not sometime when I have more time, but now. If each of us contacts three more pagans, and all of us write, and call..we CAN have a huge effect on what will happen in regard to this assine project they have concocted. Apparently, the prez. this Bonnie, must already be getting some calls, cause the secretary was rude. WE however must do our level best NOT to respond in kind....must try to keep in our heads that they are just ignorant humans without a clue. You can however, as I did, let them know we have begun a campaign to be a pain in the ass untill this idea is dropped. I politely informed them that they havent a clue how many of us there really are....thats when she hung up on me.


so??? will you walk your talk, or is it easier hoping someone else will do something...?? See, back in the first burnings....we all know alot died who werent even witches, in fact I would bet more died as christians, than witches, cause we have always had a way to contact each other, look after each other and are extremely tribal. We STILL are, and now we have this; the internet. da-dah!!!


So, I ask each of you to webwork. Do it in the name of the Goddess you honor, Do it for that witchy friend who has had to take abuse from some asshole forever it seems, for the witch who's lost pets cause of redneck jerks, for the slews of jehovahs witnesses who dont have to put up with this shit and can come door to door selling religion! Just do SOMETHING. Too many times I have seen where "some" get fired up to get something done, and then kinda slack off and wait and watch as others DO the things needing done...


we cannot afford to dream that dream....we have to actively become like a damned hemmoroid on the ass of these people, I dont care of its bumfuckle magick,..or whatever you can do, just DO something. here are some phone numbers to pass along:


To good ol' Bonnie herself (with the rude secretary):



Main Office for Sci_Fi:






then email campaign! contact at:




call, write, webwork to everyone and lets show these fools just how many of us their really are, and try your best to show them our intelligence, not just our outrage, cause we want to be a step above, not sinking down to their level, eh???



so, what will YOU do to help????

my tea got cold whilst letting them know, pulling phone numbers and email addys....

time to cowboy up and show them there varmits some real deal witches, with intelligence...and yeah.... balls.

if your not part of the solution, you ARE part of the problem.



Arachne of Harvest Moon Haven


)O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O(



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