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Incense Sold by witches dozens of *13* long burning incense Joss Sticks 3.00 per witches dozen  paypal
Scented Oils Sold in 2 dram amber glass vials for 18.00 each  paypal


Harvest Moon Haven:

for workings for prosperity, abundance.

ARC: Gold


for workings of gentle persuasions, friendships, for peacefulness and serenity.

ARC: Blue/White

Midnight :

for workings or that feeling we creatures of the night share as the clock strikes the magickalhour!

ARC: Purple


for workings for protection, also useful for scrying.

ARC: Black


for workings to do with bringing things to you. Activator!

ARC: Orange .


for workings of purification, cleansing, regeneration.

ARC: Gold

Love Potion #9:

Use with caution and serious intent! ONLY for use between lovers!



for bringing in the green! Money, healing, luck

ARC: Green


for workings to do with making yourself irresistible to all, great for writing special letters, getting noticed.

ARC: Brown/Orange


for workings for home, family and pets, protective. Also used in spells and charms for lust.

ARC: Brown/Red/Gold

French Vanilla:

for workings for love, harmony, friendships, can be lust inducer!

ARC: Brown/Red

Grey Wolf:

For workings of protection, of wisdom, of strength and courage. Very popular favorite here!

ARC: Purple


NOT for the meek, nor the unknowing.

ARC: Grey


Another not for the meek, this one is for taking care of business!

ARC: Burgundy/Black


Protective. Contains Dragons Blood resin and cinnamon base to activate, energize and give courage and focus.

ARC: Orange

Frankincense & Myrrh:

Used for centuries to purify. Good for cleansing.

ARC: Brown


One of Arachnes favorites, purrrrfect for magick having to do with stealth, with intent, focus!

ARC: Purple

Red Poppy:

Used for attraction. Similar to the Magnet recipe in that it can be used to draw things to you, very hypnotic scent.

ARC: Orange

Black Orchid:

Used for attraction, for lust and passion.

Arc: Red.


For purification before ritual, for sacred spaces. Peaceful.

Arc: White


For seductions, for enchanting!

ARC: Red/Orange

Gingered Honey:

Used for that luxurious feeling of being pampered. Good for spellworkings for lovers, friendships,partnerships. Happiness.

ARC: Brown/Gold


Sold by witches dozens of *13* long, hand rolled and dipped, burning incense Joss Sticks for $3.00 per witches dozen

Scented Oils:

Sold in 2 dram amber glass vials for $18.00 each

The scents below are available also, the discriptions will be up ASAP!
Gaia Ishtar Aphrodite
Satyr Artemis Diana
Pan Inanna Selene
Isis the Earth Mother of All Osiris the Sun God Bastet; the Goddess of Joy, honored by all of us catpeople..
Cleopatra..to entice Nuit the Goddess of Mystery Selket; Guardian Goddess
Asgard; norse heaven

Freyas Light; the healing light of the life giving goddess

Odin...majestic purple is His realm
Thor Thors Hammer Valhalla; the norse otherworld
Valkyrie Autumn Leaves Desert Breeze
Ice Crystals Mountain Morning New Mown Hay: Old timey voohoun recipe for bringing new fresh beginnings
Rain Forest Summer Sunshine Rain
Memories Ovory Sable
Spanish Moors: Brings money Garnets Malachite
Obsidian Beloved Aphrodisia
Cupid Eros Irresistable
Love Drops Passion Primal
Festive Frolic Moonstruck Fairy Dust
Elven Griffin Sorceress
Ravenswood Sylph The Wizard
Blue Dragon Mermaids Song Sweetdreams
Mists Oracle Peace
Purification Pumpkin Pie Apple Pie
Lemon Cream Peaches and Cream Honey Dew
Pomegranate The Highlander Moonchild
Raven Grey Hawk Vision Quest
Otter Panther Cougar
Elk Falcon Lynx
Stag Tiger Swan
Crow Whispering Butterfly Jack in the Green
Huntress The Crone Matriarch
Green Man SABBAT SCENTS: Appropriate for the sabbat! Black Musk
Yellow Rose Lilac Fraginpani
Heliotrope Black Rose Ginger Blossoms
Heather Almonds Sandalwood

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Gold rich, luxurious, self confident
Red passionate, sexual, strong
Yellow Joy, Happiness, communication

Peaceful, soothing, protected

White Serene, purification

Loving, friendships, joyous emotions

Orange Vibrant, energetic, activator
Green Healing, regeneration, growth, renewal
Purple Royal, commanding, authoritive
Lavender spiritual, mystical
Brown Earth, Stable, Grounding
Black Powerful, Solemn, Awesome
Grey Neutralizing


Please refer to page 9 of the Book of Shadows for Color Magick information



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