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Arachne's Favorites

Books on The Craft:


Author Title
Gerina Dunwich Candlelight Spells : The Modern Witch's Book of Spellcasting, Feasting & Natural Healing
Gerina Dunwich Everyday Wicca : Magical Spells Throughout The Year
Gerina Dunwich Wicca Book Of Days : Legend & Lore For Every Day Of The Year
Gerina Dunwich Wicca Candle Magick
Gerina Dunwich Wicca Craft : The Book Of Herbs, Magick, & Dreams
Gerina Dunwich Wicca Garden: A Modern Witch's Book Of Magickal & Enchanted Herbs & Plants
Gerina Dunwich Wicca Spell book: A Complete Collection Of Spells, Potions, & Witch Recipes
Gerina Dunwich Wicca Love spells
Gerina Dunwich Wiccan's Guide To Prophesy & Divination
Gerina Dunwich Wicca Source Book : A Complete Guide For The Modern Witch
Scott Cunningham Cunningham's Encyclopedia Of Crystal, Gem, & Metal Magic
Scott Cunningham Cunningham's Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs
Scott Cunningham Complete Book Of Incense, Oils, & Brews
Scott Cunningham Art Of Divination
Scott Cunningham Earth Power
Scott Cunningham Earth, Air, Fire & Water : More Techniques Of Natural Magic
Scott Cunningham Hawaiian Religion & Magic
Scott Cunningham Living Wicca : A Further Guide For The Solitary Practitioner
Scott Cunningham Magical Aroma Therapy
Scott Cunningham Magic & Food : Legends, Lore, & Spell work
Scott Cunningham Magical Herbalist
Scott Cunningham Sacred Sleep : Dreams & The Divine
Scott Cunningham Truth About Witchcraft Today
Scott Cunningham Wicca : A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner
Scott Cunningham Spell Crafts : Creating Magical Objects
Scott Cunningham Magical Household : Empower Your Home With Love, Protection, Health, and Happiness
Zsuzsanna Budapest Holy Book Of Women's Mysteries : Feminist Witchcraft, Goddess Rituals, & Other Womanly Arts
Zsuzsanna Budapest Grandmother Of Time : A Woman's Book Of Celebrations, Spells, & Sacred Objects For Every Month
Zsuzsanna Budapest Grandmother Moon: Lunar Magic In Our Lives : Spells, Rituals, Goddesses, Legends & Emotions
Zsuzsanna Budapest Goddess In The Office : A Personal Energy Guide For The Spiritual Warrior At Work
Zsuzsanna Budapest Goddess In The Bedroom : A Passionate Women's Guide To Celebrating Sexuality Every night
M. Macha Nightmare Witchcraft and the Web: Weaving Pagan Traditions Online
M. Macha Nightmare (contributer) The Pagan Book of Living and Dying : Practical Rituals, Prayers, Blessings, and Meditations on Crossing over (with Starhawk)
Marion Weinstein Positive Magic : Occult Self Help
Marion Weinstein Earth Magic - Dianic Book Of Shadows
Marion Weinstein Ancient Modern Witch
Marion Weinstein Magic For Peace And Visible Realities Of War And Peace : Roll Of Positive Magic
Campanelli, Pauline & Dan Ancient Ways : Reclaiming The Pagan Tradition
Campanelli, Pauline & Dan Rights Of Passage : Pagan Wheel Of Life
Campanelli, Pauline & Dan Wheel Of The Year : Living The Magical Life
Edain McCoy Celtic Myth & Magic : Harness The Power Of The Gods & Goddesses
Edain McCoy Entering The Summerland : Customs & Rituals Of Transition Into The Afterlife
Edain McCoy How To Do Automatic Writing
Edain McCoy In A Graveyard At Midnight : Folk Magic & Wisdom From The Heart Of Appalachia
Edain McCoy Inside A Witch's Coven
Edain McCoy Lady Of The Night : A Handbook Of Moon Magic & Ritual
Edain McCoy The Sabbats : A New Approach To Living The Old Ways
Edain McCoy Witch's Guide To Faery Folk : Reclaiming Our Working Relationship With Invisible Helpers
Edain McCoy Witta : An Irish/Pagan Tradition
Marina Medici Good Magic
Marina Medici Love Magic
Laurie Cabot / Tom Cowan Power Of The Witch : The Earth, The Moon & The Magical Path To Enlightenment
Laurie Cabot / Tom Cowan Love Magic : The Way To Love Through Rituals, Spells & The Magical Life
Laurie Cabot / Jean Mills Celebrate the Earth : A Year Of Holidays In The Pagan Tradition
Silver RavenWolf To Stir A Magic Cauldron : A Witch's Guide To Casting & Conjuring
Silver RavenWolf To Ride A Silver Broomstick : New Generation Witchcraft
Silver RavenWolf HexCraft : Dutch Country Pow-Wow Magick
Silver RavenWolf Beneath A Mountain Moon : A Novel
Silver RavenWolf Angels : Companions & Magick
D.J. Conway Animal Magick : The Art Of Recognizing & Working With Familiars
D.J. Conway Astral Love : Romance, Ecstasy, & Higher Consciousness
D.J. Conway By Oak, Ash, & Thorn : Modern Celtic Shamanism
D.J. Conway Celtic Magic
D.J. Conway Dancing With Dragons : Invoke Their Ageless Wisdom & Power
D.J. Conway Falcon Feather & Valkyrie Sword : Feminine Shamanism, Witchcraft & Magick
D.J. Conway Flying Without A Broom : Astral Projection & The Astral World
D.J. Conway Lord Of Light & Shadow : The Many Faces Of God
D.J. Conway Magickal, Mythical, Mystical Beasts : How To Invoke Their Astral Powers
D.J. Conway Maiden Mother Crone : The Myth & the Reality Of The Triple Goddess
D.J. Conway Moon Magick : Myths & Magick, Crafts & Recipes, Rituals & Spells
Yvonne Aburrow Auguries & Omens : The Magical Lore Of Birds
Yvonne Aburrow Enchanted Forest : The Magical Lore Of Trees
Yvonne Aburrow Sacred Grove : The Mysteries Of The Forest
Patricia Telesco Folkways : Reclaiming The Magic & Wisdom
Patricia Telesco Kitchen Witch's Cookbook
Patricia Telesco Language Of Dreams
Patricia Telesco Seasons Of The Sun : Celebrations, Festivals & Observances
Patricia Telesco Spinning Spells, Weaving Wonders : Modern Magic For Everyday Life
Patricia Telesco Urban Pagan : Magical Living In A 9 To 5 World
Patricia Telesco Victorian Flower Oracle : The Language Of Nature
Patricia Telesco Victorian Grimoire : Enchantments, Romance, & Magic
Patricia Telesco Witch's Brew : The Art Of Making Magical Beverages
Ed Fitch Magical Rites From The Crystal Well
Ed Fitch Rites Of Odin : Norse Book Of Shadows
Ed Fitch Grimoire Of Shadows : Witchcraft, Paganism, & Magick
Paul Beyerl Holy Books Of The Divas
Paul Beyerl Master Book Of Herbalism
Paul Beyerl Wiccan Bardo : Initiation Of Self Transformation
Starhawk Spiral Dance : A Rebirth Of The Ancient Religion Of The Great Goddess
Starhawk Truth Or Dare : Encounters With Power, Authority & Mystery
Starhawk Dream In the Dark : Magick, Sex and Politics
Starhawk Circle Round : Raising Children in Goddess Traditions
Starhawk The Fifth Sacred Thing
Starhawk Webs of Power : Notes from the Global Uprising
Starhawk Walking to Mercury : Starhawk
Starhawk (with M. Macha NightMare) The Pagan Book of Living and Dying : Practical Rituals, Prayers, Blessings, and Meditations on Crossing over
Barbara Walker Woman's Rituals : A Source Book
Barbara Walker Crone : A Woman Of Age, Wisdom, & Power
Barbara Walker Secrets Of The Tarot : Origins, History & Symbolism
Barbara Walker Women's Dictionary Of Symbols & Sacred Objects


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Works Of Fiction:

Author Title Price
Marion Zimmer Bradley Mists Of Avalon $13.95
Marion Zimmer Bradley Forest House $12.95
Marion Zimmer Bradley Firebrand $6.95
Marion Zimmer Bradley Fall Of Atlantis $6.95
Morgan Llywelyn Bard : Odyssey Of The Irish : A Novel $6.99
Morgan Llywelyn Druids : A Novel $5.99
Morgan Llywelyn The Elementals : A Novel $5.99
Morgan Llywelyn Lion Of Ireland $6.99
Morgan Llywelyn Pride Of Lions $6.99
Morgan Llywelyn Red Branch $5.95
Morgan Llywelyn Strong Bow : The Story Richard And Aoife $15.95
Morgan Llywelyn / M. Scott Ireland : A Graphic History $16.95
Morgan Llywelyn / M. Scott Silverhand : The Arcana Book 1 : A Novel $5.99
Morgan Llywelyn / M. Scott Silverlight : The Arcana Book 2 : A Novel $21.00


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Books on Herbs & Healing:

Author Title Price
Dian Dincin Buchman Herbal Medicine : The Natural Way To Get Well & Stay Well $9.99
Dian Dincin Buchman ABC's Of Natural Beauty Recipes : More Than 150 Beauty Treatments From Mother Nature's Salon $3.95
Dian Dincin Buchman Ancient Healing Secrets : Practical Herbal Remedies From Around The World That Work Today $8.99
Dian Dincin Buchman Complete Guide To Natural Sleep : From Awake to Zzzzzzzz : Proven Techniques $14.95
Dian Dincin Buchman Complete Herbal Guide To Natural Health & Beauty : 250 Herbs & Natural Substances $12.95
Dian Dincin Buchman Complete Book Of Water Therapy : 500 Ways To Use Our Oldest Natural Medicine Inside & Out $11.95
Louise Tenney Today's Herbal Health For Women $12.95
Louise Tenney Today's Herbal Health For Children $11.95
Louise Tenney Today's Herbal Health *spiral bound* $16.95
Louise Tenney Health Handbook : A Guide To Family Health $16.95
Louise Tenney Encyclopedia Of Natural Remedies : With The Lastest Scientific Research On Herbal Medicine $17.95


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Circle Network News
Herbal Companion
Green Egg
New Moon Rising
Green Man
Sage Woman
Crone Chronicles
Hecate's Loom


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Tarot Decks and Divinatory Tools:

Ancestral Path Tarot
Daughters of the Moon Tarot
Dragon Tarot
Hanson-Roberts Tarot
Herbal Tarot
Robin Wood Tarot
Sacred Rose Tarot
Tarot of the Orishas
Tarot of the Old Path
Witches Tarot


Tarot & Divinatory Sets (includes book):

Norse Tarot Pack: Gods, Sagas, & Runes from the Lives of Vikings
Phoenix Cards: Read & Interpreting Past Lives & Influences
Medicine Cards
Sacred Path Cards
Herbal Tarot Set
Tarot of the Orishas Set
Tarot of the Old Path
Witches Tarot Kit
Celtic Tarot Set
Goddess Speaks, Myths & Meditations
Book of Runes: Ancient Viking Oracle, Ralph Blum
Book of Doors Divination Deck: Oracle from the Egyptian book of the Dead (book, deck, & die)


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