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As many of you know, I live high in the beautiful hills of central Ohio...

where I live, you can still see open lands and wooded tracts that will drop your jaw in its majestic beauty. I often get to watch one of my totems, the Hawk. Golden Eagle have graced my own hillside...and wild swans swim on the lakes below my home..

I am far removed from the hustle of the city.

Not too long ago, in the small town of Lisbon, right next door.. a sixth grader at McKinley Elementary pulled out a handgun, pointed it toward the ceiling, and ordered everyone to the floor. If not for the wise and valiant heart of a female teacher who passed by the room, and came in, and talked to him, got him to hand over the weapon, and gently hugged him...yet another nationwide morning would be televised. The handgun had one bullet in the chamber, and nine more waiting in the clip.

Another clip was in his pocket.

Apparently, the young boy was despondant because his mother had been put into prison on a drug charge, and he did not want to live with his dad and stepmom...

All of us have read, or heard the horror stories of all the shootings in the schoolyards, shootings on the streets...and personally..my son has a bullet lodged next to his heart because of someone trying to rob him...in a random act of violence.

I am not a politician. *thank Goddess* but I am a mother. and a witch.


I do not know what I can do to help stop this violence...
but I do know that handguns kill.
I do know they are easy to conceal.
and easy to use in passion of anger.
or sadness.
or greed.
or hatred.


I want to ask all of you, who are by your nature, spiritual beings...to please light a candle and say a prayer for peace and understanding. For healing and forgiveness. For love and compassion. That those who can affect the laws of the lands, have the wisdom to step to the plate and end this reign of madness where children cannot go to school in safety, and there is no safehaven.


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Welcome to this haven. May you find what it is you seek here ... with Joy.

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