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This is one of the Spider Lady's famous dreamcatchers. The picture was taken at one of Lady Arachne's shows. Can you see the Ghost? Click on the image for a larger piccture.


This picture was taken with regular film at the Mooreland Mansion which sits behind Lakeland community college in Willoughby Ohio. Every fall I was asked to come there to do readings, and was allowed full access to the entire estate. It is UNREAL, and very haunted.

This pic was taken though, at a craft fair held there around Yule. I had another friend from my clan take the pic while I held up a BRILLANT blue dreamctacher. Lo and behold the female figure that seems to be on both sides of the dreamcatcher, whilst draining all color from it! if you look in the background, you can see other shades of blues that came thru, but NOT in the dreamcatcher...guess the ones I make, aren't like store bought hoops, eh??? <wink> IF you look really close, you can even make out her hat, the bodice of her dress, and her eyes and nose....really excellent photo with a regular camera!!

Anyhow, had we turned the camera sideways, we would have caught a second image of a butler, long waiting his masters return, a silver tray still in his hand, waiting in the main study with brandy and some kind of sweet tobacco. The second floor? has more cold spots than any place I have ever been to.

Enjoy the image of Catherine Moore. By the way, Lakeland colleges photo department asked me for the negatives, and when the mansion is fully restored to its original beauty, that picture will be shown...cool, huh??


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Welcome to this haven. May you find what it is you seek here ... with Joy.

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