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Harvest Moon Haven Dreamcatchers and Mandellas

The dreamcatcher is a magickal tool for those troubled by difficult sleep or nightmares. Also useful for those into dreamwork who need that extra shield of protection.

Here at Harvest Moon Haven, Arachne weaves the vines that become the hoop of the dreamcatcher and then begins to work her magick creating the web that will hold any negative energy from the dreamer. Cascading beadwork and feathers gathered naturally from the many pet birds that call Harvest Moon Haven home complete the dreamcatcher.

Because each dreamcatcher is so unique, we have set our pricing per inch of each dreamcatcher. This is the full length including the feathers and beadwork. Extras like specific coloring in the beadwork or dyed feathers can be done, just write us!

The smallest dreamcatchers sold are an average of about 18 inches, the largest made thus far was well over 72 inches in total length!


Dreamcatchers from Harvest Moon Haven: $1.99 per inch! Custom work slightly more. Contact Arachne for ordering information

see color images of other Harvest Moon Haven dreamcatchers


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