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The Armouring

I do this with my left hand cupped upward *the feminine recieving side, representing the Goddess, the cauldron, the cup, the womb* and my right hand with my index finger and the ring finger extended to represent the Horned One, The Lord Consort of the Goddess...and I use this to.....fly:

Tonight I gird myself with Triple Power!
Invocation of the Gods!
Reverence for the Spirits!
Kinship with the Ancestors.

Tonight I gird myself with the power of the Magick Cauldron;
Obedience of Spirits, and service of the Sidhe!
Wisdom of the Wise,
Courage of the Strong,
Innocence of the Young, and the deeds of noble Heroes!

Tonight I gird myself with the power of the Heavens
Light of the Sun
Brilliance of the Moon
Splendour of Fire

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Welcome to this haven. May you find what it is you seek here ... with Joy.

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