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This is a copy of the colour chart that we use to associate our candles, insence, oils and bath salts & powders with. Blessed Be!!

Black This is the energy of protection and shapeshifting. Excellent for scrying work and for purifying.
Blue This is the energy for meditation, stress relief, and promotes peace. Excellent for dream work and prevention of nightmares.
Brown This is the energy of the earth. Very protective. Good for home & family. Use to help create a stable base. Excellent for pet magick.
Burgandy This is the most powerful color of the spectrum. Sharing the color of blood, this color is excellent for women’s power workings. It is protective, and promotes the energies of Crone.
Gold This is the energy related to the Sun. Excellent color to represent the magick of the Masculine. This is the color of wealth, and prosperity & abundance.
Green This is the energy of Health & healing. Excellent for workings relating to fresh starts, new projects, luck. Prosperity and material gains. 
Orange This is the color of pure energy. Excellent for getting something started. Attracting things to you. In candle magic, this color is an octane-booster to any working. Make sure you are completely focused, because without focus, energy becomes chaos! 
Pink This is the energy of Love. Also friendship & harmony. This is an excellent color to promote good energy toward a beginning romance.
Purple/Lavender This is the color of royalty, and power. Excellent for workings of breaking bad habits, addictions, court matters and all dealings of gaining upper hand.
Red This color should be used with some caution.. it is the energy of the warrior nature. Good for strength and will, this color can promote lust...not love.. lust. And if not focused correctly, can bring out warrior energy of dominance.
Silver This is the energy of feminine magick. This is the color of the Moon. Moon magic, Goddess Rituals and Altar candles of this color are excellent for these awesome energies.
White This is the energy of purity and shows no gender. This is the appropriate colour for the use of absence of any other magickal colour. Cleansing, removing negitive energy.
Yellow This is the energy of communications. Bringer of Joy. Good for positive response to written and spoken word. Can be used in place of Orange to activate success.

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