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In April of 1998, I closed the doors of my shoppe, where for years, I was available to the public for information and supplies for others who also seek to walk the ways of old. I am a witch.

I have proudly walked the path of my ancestors for literally half my life now, being born under the Cancer Moon on July 2nd 1954. My people were a quite notorious blending of Welsh Manx, Irish, Scot and even some Viking thrown in the mix. *atleast that explains my kinship with the Runes as well as other aspects...but that's another page. My people mainly came from the celtic lands now known as Wales.

After nearly 30 years walking as a solo witch, I was recently reunitied with my childhood sweetheart and now am living in the mossy magickal swamplands of Georgia, near the beautiful Savannah River..the gypsyin' witch of old...still riding the winds on a Harley Davidson...

However, I am still making my original incense and oil scents and many new ones. My Cyber Shoppe carries most of what I offered within the doors of my shoppe in Fairport Harbor, and more! Plus now I am finally able to accept MC and Visa through my paypal shopping cart! Who would have ever thought!!! Remember pages are always best viewed with a cup of a tea And as I have since winter solstice of 1976, I still offer my services as a reader of both the Tarot and the Runes.


A reading should help you to get your focus. It should help you to learn how to trust your own higher knowing self enough that you will seldom need a reading done...and that reading no more than conformation of what your higher self already knows. We all have this gift within us...it is in the learning of it, and the trusting in yourself where so many find such difficulty. You should never have to state beforehand WHY you need a reading done...so beware those who ask many personal questions before the reading even begins.

contact Arachne for a personalized tarot reading

If you would like a reading done, I charge a flat rate fee of 45.00 with no time limits. There are no additional charges beyond whatever your long distance phone call to me will cost you.

If you are interested,and wish more information, just click on the button, I will answer your questions and send you any additional information that you seek!


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Welcome to this haven. May you find what it is you seek here ... with Joy.

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